Update 5: Post-Birthday Break

No update last week because last Saturday was my birthday. I celebrated by continuing to plod through these lessons and tutorials for Unity (because I know how to have a party). For the next few days, though, I took some time off from those videos to catch up on some games I’d been meaning to play, starting with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I did have to buy a 3DS first, but I think it was worth it. Of course, the day after I got my hands on the game, my sister decided to borrow it until the end of the week. Oh well. It gave me the time to look at other interesting games like Picross 3D and The Swapper (now that the game supports Intel graphics cards).

A few weeks back, I mentioned that I was going to write about ludic languages, but I decided to hold off on that until I had played Picross 3D because it seemed like the kind of game that would fit perfectly into that discussion. It does, but not in the way I hoped it would. More on that when I get around to writing about it. As for The Swapper, it was a brillant game that created great atmosphere and had some really interesting puzzle designs. The pacing reminded me of Vessel, which also had some interesting puzzles and mechanics, because both could stand to have had some of their puzzle rooms cut for a tighter experience. Where the two games mostly differ is that Vessel left the player on a vague, anti-climax, while The Swapper ends the game with a moral choice (presented through gameplay, no less) that ties into the game’s themes and the questions it had presented up to that point. To sum up, it’s good. Go play it.

Also for my birthday, I got access to the beta version of Scrolls. I have had some experience with CCGs before (well, only MtG, really) so I was excited to see that the game was a combination of a card game and a lane-based battle system like Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. So far the game has been really fun, but I feel like I might have picked the wrong deck to start with. I wonder if I will get the option to restart with a new deck or if I will have to earn the in-game currency to buy a second deck. Either way, I look forward to seeing how Mojang adds to the already well-made game.


Update 4: I Finished Something

I finally finished that project I’ve been talking about. The .jar file can be downloaded on my Projects page (where else would it be?). Go there to play a recreation of a game that you could already have played since 2007 on just about any site with flash games.

As for the media I’ve been gorging on this past week, I’ve been watching a string of ’80s movies. The Breakfast ClubThe Sure Thing, and When Harry Met Sally, to name a few. I haven’t even been playing many games. I’ve played a bit of Awesomenauts recently, which was really fun. I was also disappointed to find out that, after buying it, finding out that The Swapper is not supported by Intel graphics cards, which is what my laptop uses. They say that they’re working on that support, but it hasn’t happened yet and they don’t have an ETA. I’m really disappointed.

Now, since my free time hasn’t gone anywhere and I’m attempting to be as productive as possible, I am going to launch myself into Unity’s gaping maw. I am determined to learn something about that game engine even if it kills me. I will share my progress on that front next week.