Update 7: Running Out of Time

Dang. Summer is really close to being over and I still haven’t finished those tutorials in Unity. I know exactly what prototypes I want to do make the engine, but I still don’t have a good enough grasp on the software. I can’t seem to stop dragging my feet every step of the way, though, so those ideas probably won’t bear much fruit until after my next semester starts. Since the semester starting will also bring school-work, then I will more than likely find myself distracted from these projects for longer periods of time, so I don’t want to even begin to approximate when I’ll finish any of the prototypes I have planned. My time management skill seems to have a negative modifier attached to it. I kind of wonder what kind of miracle dice-throw it took to get me to finish that Tower Defense game at the beginning of the summer. Unbelievable.

If I have any reason for excuses, then it would be the LONG shifts I work at the job I now have. I don’t have many shifts, but they all seem to be 10 hours long and involve me standing up for about 9.5 of those hours. It’s hard to find the energy to do anything after that. Hopefully I can find a better job next summer.

I haven’t even been playing many games. I got around to playing Legend of Grimrock, which has the genre of dungeon-crawler refined to a sharp point. Great gameplay, but with the lack of any story to grab a hold of me, I haven’t found myself compelled to play it since. Also, the inventory management can get a bit tedious and the combat controls, while they are pretty clever, can be pretty clunky.


About ludophile73
I want to design video games, but I have barely started learning how to do it. This is how I am going to share what little I know (or think I know) to educate who I can and get feedback to educate myself.

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