Update 2: Second Verse, Same as the First

I’ve decided to keep these weekly updates going, if only to constantly remind myself that this blog exists. That said, I feel that this update won’t have much more useful information than the last one did.

Remember that warmup project that I mentioned last week? My progress toward finishing that project ran face-first into a brick wall a while ago. I haven’t stopped working on it, but neither have I managed to build up the work-speed that I had last week. The good news is that I’ve gotten all of the buttons, animations, turrets, and enemies working correctly so far, so I might just finish this game within a day or two. I just need to work on the turrets’ ability to fire bullets, which, unfortunately, will be the hardest element of the original game to reverse engineer. The rate of fire is impossible to measure on sight, but I have a few ideas of how it works. Once the turrets can fire, I can finish by balancing the enemies’ health with the firing rate to get as close to the original as possible. After this project is finished, I’ll move on to an original (if a bit formulaic) game idea that I have.

What have I been doing other than programing, you might ask? Well, I taught the first of four classes I’m leading in the game design merit badge for my local boy scout troop. It went fairly well, but some of the kids were less cooperative than I had hoped, even though the class is entirely optional. I got less done than I wanted to because those kids held everyone else up. Other than that, I think it went fairly well. What I’ve also been doing is making the most of my summer to consume every bit of media I haven’t had time for. This past week, I watched the anime Gurren Laggan, which I had been meaning to for about a year. My thoughts just as I finished were, “This has got to be the dumbest show I’ve ever seen that is still worth watching.” Gurren Laggan is something that I can only recommend if all you want to see is something a team of artists poured all of their passion into. It is beautiful in both it’s design and animation (most of the time) and the show tries valiantly to get the audience to care about its characters, and it works really well at times, but this show desperately needed a real writer.

Oh, and I guess I’m playing games too. I got Gunpoint and The Swapper and their soundtracks while they were still on sale, but i’ve only managed to play the former so far. I’ll be playing the latter eventually, but I still have Humble Bundle games to catch up on.


About ludophile73
I want to design video games, but I have barely started learning how to do it. This is how I am going to share what little I know (or think I know) to educate who I can and get feedback to educate myself.

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