Update 1: Warmup Project

Ok, I don’t think this past week had as much to show for as I had hoped it would, but I still want to share what I was doing.

Primarily, I’ve been working on making a small game in Java. The issues that have come up, though, are occurring mainly due to the fact that I’m blindly hacking away at the code until things happen. I have somewhat planned what needs to go into the game, but I’m quickly finding out how little I really know about programming games. I’m fairly proficient in Java and I’ve gotten this far with a good sense of logic and structure, but I can’t help but feel that the methods I’m using are agonizingly inefficient. Maybe I should look at other Java games to compare techniques, but I’m already spending too much time on this one game as it is. The saddest part is that the game I’m making isn’t even something I can call my own. I’m reverse-engineering a tower defense game that was probably made in Flash originally. The game is so small that I’m shocked at how much work it’s taking to recreated it. I haven’t even gotten to coding the rate-of-fire of the towers, which I can hardly even measure. Oh, and setting up sprite-sheets and animations are a bitch.

The second task occupying my time is preparing to teach the boy scout troop in my area the game design merit badge, which was just instated this year. Since my knowledge of game design has been more or less self-taught, I’ve been panicking as I collect my thoughts into a presentation, hoping that I neither a) put them off game design for the rest of their lives, or b) teach them something incorrectly that will embarrass me every time I look back on it. I’m not actually that worried about these possibilities, but they are still slowing me down. I’ll deal, though, and it’ll be fun getting to show off my knowledge in front of a younger audience.

Finally, partly through the week, I took a break from trudging through an ever-expanding miasma of code to finally get current on Homestuck. Absolutely worth it. The story is incredibly engaging, creative, and just indulgent enough to satisfy me without devaluing the plot and characters. I recommend everyone to at least try to read it, even though I know it will only click with a select few of them.

As a side-note, I bought a TON of games this week. All from the Humble Indie Bundle 8 and the Humble Weekly Bundle. Too bad I haven’t scheduled myself any playing time for the rest of the week. I’ll see if I can squeeze a few hours in.


About ludophile73
I want to design video games, but I have barely started learning how to do it. This is how I am going to share what little I know (or think I know) to educate who I can and get feedback to educate myself.

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